C. Eliott Friday (tymbomb) wrote,
C. Eliott Friday

Trips around the upper statosphere

Alone,thinking of nothing at all as The Good Ship "Sledgehammer" floats quietly 457 miles over The Planet Frackinpale. I cant think of anything at all...the vaccum has somehow sucked a little more than just my appetite away....I think Im hungry but I think Im just bored. I went down to level 8 and sat and watched that stupid Comet known as "The Drifter" clumsily bounce off the high mist that covers the smelly planet below me and went slightly off course and almost smashed into the Moon, Zartah, I thought it would be a spectacular sight as the tail caught up with the Sun rays and shot amazing colors they dont even have names for yet and would blow my mind, but instead it was just a dull white...I wasted my last bag of Grand'mas UTZ and killed the second to the last Pepsi on that shit!!!!. The Universe has everything and more to offer in it's vast and complex pressence, but a dull Comet and ONE more Pepsi!!!, now come on!!!....The Universe has created everything thing for everything but one thing it forgot was the "Planet Pepsi"!!!!, now that would be a usefull Place to make a pit stop amoung the stars, with rivers of the stuff flowing down huge magestic waterfalls...ooppps, I mean Pepsifalls and the grass would be an endless amout of Grand'mas UTZ's!!!!. I cant belive I have to stay here until that stupid ass Robot shows up with the un-maned probe thats supposed to take my place....Jesus, here I thought a little peace and quiet out here(and I mean way,way out here) would get my mind off of the rest of the Universe....but no!!!!, thats all Im surrounded by....BLACKNESS and twinkling white dots...wow, what a ride....I cant sleep, Fuck, have anyone to talk to...oh yeah the ships on board computer...what a personality on that thing, makes the HAL9000 like Chris Rock...I was thinking of taking the Pod out for a spin and perhaps down to Frackinpale for a little obsevation, but the Planets surface is mostly sulfer and smells like a Gigantic fat guy beer fart, and also with my luck, I'll get stuck down there with no way of communicating to Station B56j3...they would just figure I was already asleep in the Cryo-snoozer....assholes, they told me I was gona be the first Man to be this far out, and that this assignment was monumental to the Exploration of Space, but instead they stuck me in this crappy old Datsun Station Wagon of the stars and told me it was temporary....well that was 600 years ago so all I do now is walk around and deplete all my entertainment resorces and smell that fart smell....and I just want to.....oh wait, I think someone is knocking on the window....I'll be right back.
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