C. Eliott Friday (tymbomb) wrote,
C. Eliott Friday

Sometimes you cant make it on your own

...On my Own....again, Im scared and mad, I feel like I've lost something I cant ever get back...at this point I think it's time to crawl inside and withdrawl for awhile...I hate lonelyness...eventho I have an army of good,good, friends and support and Im surrounding myself with theire love and armor I still feel naked and scared, I dont have my buddy along with me anymore....she figured that I was not ready yet....I dont know, mabey she's right...well, I think actully she is...in the case of fight or flight I think this is a good time to fight...but I guess she beat'n down and misses her home....gee I thought all along this was her home....GOD!!!!, I swear, the next time I get "involved" I'll make sure that I'm ready ok....Im sad and Im Mad....I'm.....Smad!!!!....
Now what?????
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