C. Eliott Friday (tymbomb) wrote,
C. Eliott Friday

All I need is somewhere else

I wish Lacuna inc. really existed....the things at the core of some memories are still taking up space in the ol' nogin....but as it were I guess....I miss the smell of her pillow, I miss the crooked tooth, I miss veesta lamb, I miss the sound she made when i said something silly, I miss her rolling her eyes when I flicked her glasses, I miss the sex, I miss the sound of her breathing while she chewed, I miss the fact that she paid the bills on time, I miss the phone calls from work when she was ready to be picked up, I miss the sound of her footsteps when she was comming down the stairs, I miss the fact that she found me (no matterwhat) irresistably funny, I miss wondering what we were going to have for dinner...I miss the long naps fully clothed on the monster sized bed, I miss her reading at night, I miss her fingers, I miss her singing in her sultry country way, I miss her tattoos, I miss her missing me.....Im glad at least I have the memories to miss.....I miss you Miss Fondilly Foau.....
Come home soon.....
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