C. Eliott Friday (tymbomb) wrote,
C. Eliott Friday

where I come.........

I have to come here from time to time to remember who I am....this is really the last place I would really jot down anything that i want hidden...I like it here only because it reminds me that Iam who Iam and what Iam is what Iam....fleeting memories come screaming up to me now about the D.O.E and the best thing that came out of it was having Jen do what I asked....she just smiled and said "absolutly, only cause I wana see what it does for me"...and we were both right....per my request she snuck up to my room and vaccumed my dorm room wearing nothing but hot-ass patties...she was laughing and throwing the vaccum cleaner around and starting to get off on it...I just sat there cracking up saying..."Hey, missed a spot"..."anything yet?"...she stomps on the kill switch and takes a flying leap onto the chair where Im sitting,mounts me and grinds me and throws her hair in my face and says...."yep....absolutly something!!!"...as I realize I have this latino godess griding on my lap and we both are cracking up (yes pretty people can have a sence of humor....not to mention a brain)....it's all about to get out of hand when dumb ass Richard W. comes in doing a fire run and see's this all taking place....we were caoght red handed and red faced.....he looks at this seane and then takes off....going to tell on us.....things got better from there....as we got up and vowed to do this again...Jen explains as she's getting dressed that I just introduced her to something entirely new...and foreplay would never be the same again....we high 5ed and, continued to crack up...walked down into the rec-room and recieved our consequences....was it worth it....yep....just because, beautiful people can play with 40 punk rock drymmers and always have a good time, and send me thank you notes from time to time....wait till I tell you about the 30-day re-eval!!!!!....my back is still sore
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