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A zillion years later......

OK... a breif history for the pacific northwest angel :
lots of drugs, meth, crack, booze,heroin, bands, sex, good love, marrage, kinky thoughts, jamming with boy, music, space/time, dark hallways, thumbing thru the suicide notes, looking for a way out, not finding a way out, drifting far, far away from the "one" who made me happy, felt the devil on my back, the devil calles my cell...I answer...hadol, vicodin, thorazine drip, campral, zoloft, abilify, naltrexone, methadone, vivarex, buspar, thoughts gone crazy, dominion, vodka...lots of it, maryland,found peace on a pillow next to me....wedding rings, our mall, saturn car wash, spousal abuse, blackout, death, betrayal, broken heart, crush on evil, death do us part, smile tuns upside down, stole a bottle...10 vicodins and an OXY for kicks, more vodka, promotion party, she comes home, Im dead already, flashes of pulling, punching, scratching, screaming, banging, freaking, squatting, crying, laughing, handcuffs, drunk tank, restraining order, sadness, remorse, regreat, walking down hunter mill with the demons, waiting for a white truck...never came, knock on C.A's door, save me my lovley Ex, food, love, warm bed, happy son and green day, still dead, in a dream that cant be explained...more food, court, jail, anger, frustration, no hope, lost cause, no clue, no god, bad food, winter chills in 1C block of Fairfax county jail, will next cell, deputies, yelling, spirit black, release, rehab, waking up, seeing straight, jennifer, anthony, vance, eric, lance, randy, bobby, lloyd, dwanald, flavia, gina, rehab, med line, tighten up, rounding on it, seeing straighter, sleeping like a baby, getting better, growing pains, 4th step, leroy, bush hill, relationship in rehab, flavia smiles, jennifers tits, flavias hands, counslers, probation officer, getting clean, getting better, smiling, eating, drumming, thinking, letting go, waking up, forgivness, blessed, protective order, 1 year clean, smiling, happy, alive again....for now.
any questions????
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